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Maltesers on why marketing must be embedded from the start for innovation to succeed

Maltesers always thinks about marketing “right from the start” of any innovation project to avoid unnecessary product extensions and “innovation for innovation’s sake”, according to brand director Rebecca Shepheard-Walwyn.

She tells Marketing Week: “Maltesers has been so loved for so long that you don’t want to play with it in the wrong way. [As a result] we’re always looking at consumer insights and trends as there’s no point innovating for the sake of it and you need marketing to help you figure that out.”

She adds that innovation has to be customer-led to ensure there is a genuine desire for new products, which is all the more important for a well-established brand like Maltesers and others in the Mars portfolio. “With a heritage brand you need to make sure you’re moving it into the right space. Mars has always approached innovation as something consumers have got to accept from the brand.

Maltesers, which launched of two new products on Thursday (24 May), is looking to make its first foray into the premium sector with Maltesers Truffles.

Shepheard-Walwyn says: “We know premium is massively growing and we’ve been talking about it for a long time as we know our consumers are going into that space but we could never work out how we could do it.”